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New Releases! #WIWBooks

Are you an indie author with a book coming out later this year? If you are a WIW Member you can get it included in our next eZine! The 4th edition brochure will go live at the end of September 2020. The new BOOK LAUNCH page will be reserved for books launching in the next […]

What is your inspiration?

I love the moment an idea sparks. I especially love hearing how it happened. How someone’s mind works, or what unusual thing spurred the creation of a book, song or any other form of expression that touches peoples’ lives or fills a need for its creator. More, I love brainstorming ideas with other creatives – what could be the start of a character, a story, a universe, or whatever and seeing where it goes.

Submission Call

World Indie Warriors Brochure 3rd edition Soon we will be launching the third edition of the WIW Brochure. If you want to help readers to discover your book this summer, keep reading. To check out the previous edition, head over to the home page. This brochure is exclusively for Indie Creatives and available to download […]