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To Traditional or Self-Publish? That is the Question

I always thought I was going to publish traditionally because that is what I thought everyone did. You sent out your manuscript, you got hundreds of rejection letters and then someone realized what a masterpiece you have written and said “We will publish your book; here is a check.” Self-publishing was not even a choice I thought about. When I had the idea for my novel, self-publishing was just getting started, I barely understood self-publishing and what I did understand made me think people put out books that looked like pamphlets and not actual books. Then I started doing research.

Why Indie Publish

Self publishing has been around since 1998 but didn’t really take off until 2012. Source In 2009 I wrote my novel and started querying literary agents and publishers in 2010. I spent , a decade tweaking my manuscript, pitch, letter, and synopsis trying to get picked. Traditional publishing felt safe. The experts knew what they […]