Camp NaNoWriMo

April is CampNaNo, a more relaxed and more inclusive cousin of National Novel Writing Month. If you’ve never heard anything about it, it’s a time where writers and creatives of all kinds can come together as they work towards their goals. How is that different to what you’re doing now? Well, when we said more relaxed, we didn’t say easy.

It’s true, you set your own goals. This could be number of words written, pages edited, hours spent researching a project, artworks created, or even how long you sat knitting! Whatever you are working towards, make it challenging.

On March 4th at 8pm GMT/3pm EST, we will be hosting a live Q&A over in our Facebook group about Camp NaNoWriMo, discussing in depth what it is and how you can take part.

The video will remain on the page so you can catch up at a later date if you weren’t able to catch us live.

During March we will have a number of posts to get you prepped and ready for the big event. Then, throughout April we will have a number of events, activities, and a tracker to help us, and each other, stay focused.


Throughout April we will have some live catch-ups within our Facebook Group, so you can join in from the comfort of your own home.
These will be very relaxed (Pj’s and hot chocolate welcome), and a great time to just see what everyone is up to.


We will be holding word sprints, posting tips, and encouraging conversation though April to keep us motivated. There will also be a Cabin (An Instagram Chat) for anyone participating so we can cheer each other on.
Look out during March for some ‘prepping’ posts.


We have created a tracker to keep ourselves accountable and to work together as a team. It has tables for word count, pages edited, handwritten pages, transcribed pages, poems written and hours worked. So, whatever your project, you really can get involved.

Join our Facebook group for members and we will achieve together.

It’s Free!

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